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Omni Cervical Relief Pillow

Picture of Omni Cervical Relief Pillow
The OMNI Cervical Relief Pillow cradles and comfortably supports the neck to achieve proper cervical curvature.

The OMNI Cervical Relief pillow uses an ergonomically contoured shape to comfortably "cradle" the head and neck allowing total relaxation of neck, shoulder and back muscles. It's an amazing experience in mind and body relaxation. Improper cervical curvature is one of the leading causes of headaches.  Use the OMNI pillow for minutes a day to help restore proper cervical curvature and release you from neck pain and headaches.

Just $49.95 each OR you may purchase a retail package. You'll get 8 pillows, 10 packs of 50 disposable covers and a retail display rack ALL for just $399.50! The Omni Pillow is now manufactured in the USA & IN STOCK NOW. We also offer additional sanitary disposable covers for just $13.48 a pack.